Spirits are shy beings. Make a first careful contact with them by saving these wallpapers on the iOS device of your choice. Be nice to them and more Spirits will follow soon.

iPad Lockscreen & Homescreen (1024×1024)

iPhone 4 Retina Lockscreen & Homescreen (640×960)

iPhone Lockscreen & Homescreen (320×480)


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  1. Valerie sims,

    I am on level 2. I cannot figure this game out. I can’t get them to rise up.
    the buttons I push don’t seem to get them to rise up. the safari video doesn’t seem to play. so far just a lot of frustration for $4.99. Can you help the very slow to understand?

  2. Marek,

    Hi Valerie,

    In Level 2 you have to grow in both direction to get up. Please have a look at this picture here:

    I would love to help you with your other problem too but I’m not sure if I understand what you mean by “safari video”. Could you please explain your problem in other words?
    Did you you know that you can also reach us by email? support@spacesofplay.com

    Best regards,


  3. Matt,

    Love the game! It’s worth every single nickle!!!
    Sadly, I have absolutely no idea how to play number 16. Is there a kind of example somewhere?

    Best regards,


  4. Hi Matt,

    we are glad you enjoy playing Spirits! The people from MahaloVideoGames did some walkthrough videos here: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=954778C9999D08B0

    Unfortunately there is no video of Level 16. I don’t know exactly where you got stuck. First you have to keep the spirits from jumping anywhere. Then, once you reach the cliff the far right (where the plant is) you have to release the wind which is captured in the cave by digging away some ground.

    I hope these hints will be helpful for you. If not please let us know.

    Best regards


  5. Greg,

    Finished the game in few days. Wonderful and relaxing. Reminds of an old beloved DOS game. Guys I want more! Are you planning additional levels?

  6. Hi Greg,

    we are glad you enjoyed Spirits and played through the whole game! We are currently working on a Mac Version of Spirits and will consider additional Levels after that. Meanwhile, you could try to solve some of the levels with a perfect score to get some additional challenge if you haven’t done so already.

  7. Rishabh,

    Hi guys , i liked your game ” spirits ” for iphone very much.it’s d only game on my phone.i especially like playin it in front of my friends n i like when they ask me , “hey what a beautiful game,what is the name of the game”?
    i would like u guys to see and think about a game for computer,i want it to be made for iphone.the name of the game is “wik and the fable of souls”.
    link to the game site is http://www.wikgame.com/
    just check it out guys,so that u all can get an idea what d people want and what are they thinking.
    thank u all for giving us THE MOST BEAUTIFUL IPHONE GAME “SPIRITS”
    Best of luck for the future,hoping for the best from u guys.bye.

  8. Rishabh,

    in short i can say that 3 best iphone games are -:


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