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Andreas Zecher Jun 23 2011

Long time no see! Be in one of the following places to hang out with us for a strong cup of coffee, two bottles of beer or an ad-hoc TRI-TRI-TRIOBELISK tournament. (Disclaimer: Spirits will make the trip to Brazil without parental chaperonage.)

July 18 – August 21 2011 Spirits for iPad will be exhibited at FILE Festival that will take place at the SESI Art Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil.

August 5 - 7 2011 Andreas will attend No More Sweden which this year is happening in his adopted home in Stockholm, Sweden.

August 15 2011 Mattias and Marek will give a presentation at GDC Europe about how visual art influences perception of game mechanics, and how visual design and game design can interact.

September 16 - 18 2011 Mattias and Marek will speak about the importance of having a strong connection between visual art, code and game mechanics at the Resonate New Media Festival in Belgrade. (Backed up by Andreas as best boy electric.)

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