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Spirits – Puzzle game for PC, Mac, Linux and iOS

Spirits IconAutumn is coming. Leaves fall, and spirits rise from the fallen leaves to begin their journey home. You must guide them, without direct control, by changing how the wind blows or by rebuilding the ground. Each spirit can be sacrificed to perform one of four actions - build a bridge of leaves, create a blowing cloud, dig tunnels, or block wind currents in an area. Use your actions wisely or you will run out of spirits. In each level it's up to you to find your own creative solution on how to get the spirits to the goal.

“Art so beautiful it could have been lifted from a Miyazaki movie.“

–Wired, Kyle VanHemert

“Where Spirits really innovates is in its look and feel. When the wind physics start to do their thing, the experience is pretty magical.“

–Engadget, Mike Schramm

“There are a number of titles out there that really ooze that special 'indie magic', and Spirits is one of them.“

–TouchArcade, Blake Patterson

“Princess Mononoke meets Lemmings.“

–Bytejacker, Anthony Carboni

“An inspiring title that through artistic flair, innovative wind physics and particle effects creates an intricate world that is a pleasure to visit every time.”

–148apps.com, Ben Briggs

“There is so much attention to detail in this game that once you have finished it you will want to play it all over again.”

–CreativeApplications.net, Filip Visnjic

“IGF Best Mobile Game – Honorable Mention”

San Francisco, USA

“Indie Game Challenge Finalist”

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

“Winner of the IndieCade
Best Aesthetics Award”

Culver City, California, USA

“Sense of Wonder Night Selection”

Tokyo, Japan

“Dutch Game Awards – Best Euro Indie Finalist”

Utrecht, The Netherlands

“German Computer Game Award – Best Mobile Game Finalist”

Munich, Germany

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