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General FAQ

When I tap a spirit in mid-air, it drops something. What’s that for?

The spirits drop spores that you can use to collect plants that are hard-to-reach otherwise.

I’m stuck on a level and I need help.

Just write us at or at @spacesofplay on Twitter and we’ll give you a hint how to solve the level.

The perfect solution in Edge is impossible to achieve! Clearly, this must be a bug.

We thought it was, until we met #1 player in the world pyjamads, who proved us wrong. It’s not impossible, it’s just really hard and you need a bit of luck.


What are the minimum requirements to play Spirits on the Mac?

We have tested Spirits on different Mac configurations. It should run on any Mac produced after mid-2007. That is anything with at least a Intel Core Duo 2 chip. On older computers you will need to disable the additional glow effect in the launcher for the game to run smoothly. You can also try to run in a lower resolution, by changing your desktop resolution and then launching the game.

What screen resolutions does Spirits support?

Spirits supports both windowed and fullscreen mode in any native resolution from 800×600 up to 2560×1440 pixels. Looks great on your 27" iMac!

How do I use the fast forward feature?

As long as you keep the SPACE-key pressed, the game will run faster. This is especially useful if you built the path for your spirits and just want to lean back and watch how they walk towards to swirl. Holding down the right mouse button will also work as an alternative option.

How do I pause the game?

Just press the ESC or P-key, or click on the icon in the bottom right corner to pause or unpause the game.

When playing in fullscreen mode, how do I go back to my desktop without quitting the game?

Press CMD+F to toggle the full screen mode. Press CMD+Tab to toggle through your open apps. You can also use Expose while the game is running in fullscreen mode.

How do I exit the game?

Press CMD+Q to quit the game immediately. In windowed mode you may also click on the close icon in the top left corner of the window to close the game.

How do I save?

When you start the game, select a Save Slot in the Launcher. Your progress is saved automatically as you play. If you have the online highscore feature enabled, your world ranks are also automatically updated as you play.

I’m a Mac power user and I want key commands!

When the game is paused, press M to go to the menu, R to restart a level or W to wake up all spirits. The Capcom code doesn’t work though.

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